So I finished Mass Effect 3

my Commander Shepard

Meet my Shepard

The Mass Effect series is among my top favorite games, and I’m a long time fan. I love the detailed story, the unique and original universe, and the immersion and actual take-away experience. I also love Commander Shepard. I think this is the only game I’ve played where the main protagonist is also my favorite character. Admittedly, I am emotionally attached to not only Shepard, but members of the crew. I can never decide if Tali or Wrex is my favorite. Or Garrus. Maybe Jack? I also love Dr. Chawkwas. Oh, and Joker and Mordin! It’s possible that I love everyone that has ever taken a crew seat on the Normandy. (Except Zaeed and Allers.) I ate up every DLC and extra these games have had to offer (for two gaming systems, and I ended up buying Lair of the Shadow Broker 3 times on accident – long story) and it’s no secret that Bioware has full access to my wallet.

I’m not going to do an official review – I don’t think that’s why people come to my blog. But I loved, loved this game, even after the ending broke my heart, and not in a good way. (If you know anything about ME3 and the ending, I am firmly planted in the “Hold the Line” camp and I will be watching Bioware’s future announcements like a hawk. A hawk with a Talon V with a scope.)

Anyway, I just wanted to share with everyone that I have finished one of the games I was looking forward to and thoroughly enjoyed. That means more time will be spent working on the next comic project which I have finally named. But that’s another post for another time. In the meantime the only gaming distraction I have is Star Wars the Old Republic.

Any of you play Mass Effect or SWTOR? If anyone wants to play the ME3 multiplayer on PC, let me know – I’m hoodiegypsy on Origin. My fav right now is my Drell Vanguard. :)

P.S. The soundtrack is phenomenal.

P.P.S. The Ardat Yakshi temple was so incredibly creepy, then scary, then sad. That was the point in the game where my anger towards the Reapers flipped that tiny rage switch in my brain and I tore stuff apart.

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7 Responses to So I finished Mass Effect 3

  1. eevee says:

    My fiance loves ME3 hes not quite done yet. I on the other hand am on SWTOR playing a Sith Inquisitor just did my first hard flashpoint with my Guild the other day truly amazing.

    • awaite says:

      Nice! I tell you what, I did some outright UGLY crying on three separate occasions during the course of ME3. I’m not a really emotionally expressive person, but that game slammed me hard right in the heart. I’m still not recovered, actually, I’ve had a hard time playing video games after Mass Effect 3. So I’ve been hanging out on the Bioware forums waiting for news and doing a ME1-3 replay on insanity. Playing a vanguard on insanity is kind of rough in some places … I got really stuck on the Collector’s base in ME2, for instance.

      Gratz on the FP! Anything drop for you? I play an Inquisitor too! What race/spec is yours? I play a Rattataki assassin, deception spec. I seriously regret the race choice, though. Being bald is not as cool as I first thought. I thought it would help me play “darker” but no … she’s just ambivalent AND hairless. I also have a smuggler that I love playing – they are so much fun! She’s a scoundrel sawbones and I never get tired of hearing her laugh when there’s a healing proc. I also have a digi-crush on Corso …

      • eevee says:

        OMG! Glad to know its not just him! My fiance told me already twice two people have died that have tear jerked him. All I could do was nod as he explained and I awwed cause it did sound truly sad. I’m sure if I was invested in the game I’d probably be in tears as well. Yeah, I heard that they are doing DLC with new endings supposedly? I watched the ending on youtube and now I’m just staring at my fiance when he plays wishing he’d hurry up so he can explain the endings to me lmao >< I just want the twi'lek tendrils.
        Oh have you seen the new update about the robot min-games? it looks like just a super cute thing to burn off some time.

        • awaite says:

          Yeah, they’re making an “Extended Cut” DLC to clarify (“clarify” is such a broad term!) what happens in the endings – I am super hopeful! I’ve actually been really distracted with ME fanart which I plastered all over my Deviant Art account. -_- I should be working on my next comic, I’m a little ashamed.

          I’m going to install the 1.2 patch for SWTOR in a few hours – I’m sort of excited for the Legacy system, here’s hoping I can wrap my head around it. (What mini game?! I must go investigate …)

          • eevee says:

            Yeah thats what he was telling me, and also he said there is some video on the net explaining the ending and how its all a ‘dream’ or something like that. Lol fanart, hey plaster it away when the comic bug hits im sure it will explode everywhere.
            The mini game thing was an april fools joke, made me a bit sad darn you bioware!!!! but aside from that the legacy system doesn’t seem all that hard to understand, thank the force! I’ve already played around with the tree, figured out the shared qualities, watched my khem vahl dance with me, and now I am just waiting for my taun taun to appear in my mail box! o.o have you seen those taun taun sleeping bags I freaking want one so bad! to bad they are a hundred plus. -.-

  2. Brian Clark says:

    Hi Ami. How are you doing?

    I still need to beat ME1. I just started it and I’m liking it so far. I also went with the deafault name for the character. For awhile, I have been playing Skyrim, but I decided to take a break on it to play ME1. I have also been playing Pinball FX 2 and plan to play more Espgaluda II and Mushihime-sama Futari (JP import shmups).

    I was in Florida visiting my uncle lately. I went to Busch Gardens, which had a nice safari where we fed giraffes. I loved the coasters too. A couple, not surprisingly, were very similar to rides at the other Busch Gardes. I have been on a pinball kick and I went to a bowling alley in tampa, where I played the Lord of the Rings and the Pirates of the Caribbiean pinballs. I also played some Beatmania, KOF 97, and Real Bout 2. I found a Play ‘n Trade and got some older games for 2600, NES, N64, Genesis, and SNES too. I had a fun time.

    • awaite says:

      Heya, Brian! That’s a lot of games! Good luck on finishing ME1, I rather envy you for going through the games for the first time. There’s nothing like a first playthrough of an epic game series.