First Batch Mailed Out

The first batch of Skipping Tomorrows original pages have been shipped out. If you requested a page in the last couple weeks and you did not get an email confirming that your pages have been shipped, please let me know asap. If you would like a page sent to you, the offer is still good until the end of February – there’s still plenty of original artwork left, old and new! There is no cost on your part, just let me know the page number you’d like – email me at faythstorm at

Thank you all for your tremendous support and encouraging words!

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3 Responses to First Batch Mailed Out

  1. Rathoren says:

    I just found your story and read it within an hour, I have NEVER cried so hard at a webcomic before, you are a FANTASTIC writer and it would be a horrible shame if you never did another webcomic!!

    ~Your new #1 fan

    • awaite says:

      Well thank you for reading! I am most certainly working on my next project and I hope you come back soon to check it out!

  2. Saturn says:

    Only through February? Dang, I missed it.

    I’ve been following Skipping Tomorrows for some time now, but never really check up on it for updates that often so I just got to the last bit of the last chapter and the epilogue today. I love it and I want to thank you for writing it. Rathoren’s feelings are pretty much the same as mine, and I look forward to whatever your next project it. ^_^