The End.

Skipping Tomorrow is finished (and has a new look). I can’t thank you all enough for your encouragement and support. I wish I could do something special for each and every one of you.

I do, however, have a giant pile of the original sketches and inks of the Skipping Tomorrows pages. If you’re a fan, shoot me a tweet @hoodiegypsy and tell me your favorite page and I’ll mail it to you. If you’re not into twitter, you can email me faythstorm at the gmail. It will be first come, first serve, and I will try to keep this offer open to you guys through February.

P.S. I have been working on my next project, so as always, please check in from time to time!

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18 Responses to The End.

  1. Hey Gypsy! Thank you for a beautiful ending to ST. I loved it. And I’ll always love and re-read your comic. You’ve been an inspiration to me for a long time and I’m really thankful ^^

    I know I’ve asked this before, but have you reconsidered someday seeing ST in print? I’d love to buy a copy. If not then I’m content just reading it here. Again, thanks so much for the wonderful story and for sharing it with everyone online.

    • awaite says:

      Heya! It’s always awesome to hear from you! Thank you very much for sticking with me. Over the past couple days I’ve had numerous printing requests, and for that reason I’m looking into it again, but I can’t promise anything. No matter what, as long as there’s a, Skipping Tomorrows will always be up for anyone to read.

      I will keep everyone up to date if there’s a possibility of a print version, but … I wouldn’t get any hopes up.

  2. Jenn says:

    Amazing!!! I just had to read it in its entirety! It’s absolutely incredible! (even though you made me cry… Again) I’m really going to miss Shawn, Emma, and Jen they’ve become very special friends. Thank you for sharing them with us. It’s bittersweet to come to the conclusion (as it always is for me) The fullness of the story meets the pounding dread of the end. Your art is utterly phenomenal & the story is simply beautiful. You truly have a gift. I love that you put it out there, it is so inspiring! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    • awaite says:

      Thank you very much. I hate/love the endings of books and movies too. I’m so happy that you liked the Skipping Tomorrow characters – I hope that the new characters that I introduce soon will become just as special. If not … well, stick around. :P

  3. Jill says:

    Wow! The ending is as touching as the beginning. Throughout the comic, the art is captivating and the story compelling. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this over the past couple of years. Can’t wait to see what you create next!

    • awaite says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it – thank you so much for sticking with the comic, and I’m excited to show all of you what’s coming next!

  4. SteeKira says:

    Oh…my ….gosh….this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO beautifully done! Girl, you made me cry and laugh and everything. If you do decide to go into print, I’d be totally willing to buy a copy. :D

  5. Taylor says:

    I know I said this in the e-mail I just sent, but I ADORE this comic. I’m losing someone extremely special to me due to a slow disease of sorts, so this comic hits really close to my heart. Skipping Tomorrows is beautiful and amazing in all aspects, and I really look forward to seeing more from you. I also agree with some other people here….I’d love to own a printed copy if there’s ever the opportunity to buy one!

    • awaite says:

      Hello, Taylor – I wrote a reply to your email, but I’ll state here as well that my heart goes out to you. I’m so glad you’re looking forward to another project, I’m getting really excited to show it to everyone.

  6. CelestialSushi says:

    Sad to see it over, but I’d say that it’s a bittersweet, yet satisfying ending. I’m glad you posted this, and I’m glad I was here to read the comic as it was posted. Thank you very much :D

    • awaite says:

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad you didn’t find the ending lacking. I was honestly a little concerned how fans would react after all this time following Shawn and Emma. But you’ve all been supportive and encouraging and that inspires me to make the next story the best I can for all of you.

  7. eevee says:

    I’m never one to comment on any web comics I read. I normally just enjoy them, laugh, cry, and experience whatever the author intended. I didn’t start reading till about 09 I want to say and though life and computer changes I always found a link back to this story. Today I was in some major pain over my wisdom tooth growing in and I flipped open my laptop browsed over my links and saw this one. Curiosity made me click on it wondering if an update had happened. It did, your ending is beautiful and I want to thank you for writing a truly simple, yet so thoughtful and deep, romantic web comic. If you come out with more work I can’t wait to read. If not this was well worth my time I hope you prosper as an artist and as a person continuing to follow your passion through lives many drastic changes.
    PS: Your art work has been amazing from beginning to end, you will only keep getting better.

    • awaite says:

      Yikes! Sorry about the tooth pain – that is no fun. I’m honored that you took the time to comment on Skipping Tomorrows. I know I get repetitive in thanking everyone, but I can’t express how sincerely I appreciate hearing back from people who read the comic. I’m so glad that you remembered to check on the story over the past couple years! The response to Skipping Tomorrows as a whole has been so touching, I’m really hoping that all of you like the next project just as much!

  8. Joe says:

    The story, the characters, the art… where to begin? Few comic artists can claim a masterpiece like Skipping Tomorrows. It was gritty and real the whole way through. I kept wanting to see the next bit and find out once again that this wasn’t some fantasy dream where everything always works out perfectly for the good guys. I hurt with Shawn at the end but at the same time there’s hope and somehow even a desire for it to be just the way it ended. I can’t wait to hear what your plans are for future projects.

    Thank you for putting the time and energy and skill into creating such a beautiful story for us to share.

    • awaite says:

      Thank for checking in, Joe! I think sometimes it’s the stories that hurt us just a little bit are the ones that stay with us.

      I’m on a quick break from writing the script for my new project, so I’m glad you’re excited! I’m taking the encouragement and experiences you all share with me directly into the next story. I thought my biggest stepping stone into this next art endeavor would be the lessons I learned from ST, but by far it’s been everyone’s support.

  9. Kamae Iniguez says:

    Ami, congratulations on finishing your webcomic! I am so happy for you. I’ve been following this comic for at least 5 years now, and your drawings have improved so much since then.

    Thank you for the heartwarming story. You (or rather your story) broke my heart many times and made me ultimately shed tears in the end. It was all worth the wait. I’m looking forward to your future works! :)

    • awaite says:

      Thank you so much for checking back! I’m working on some promo stuff to show you all with the next project and I’m pretty excited. It’s going to be very different – this next story is set on a much bigger scope and with more characters. Although it will be very, very different from Skipping Tomorrows, I have something kind of special planned specifically for those of you who have read Shawn and Emma’s story. Stay tuned!